The October 7th Hamas strike caught Israel, one of the supposedly safest countries in the world, off guard. What ‘s following since then is a real threat to the delicate balances in the Eastern Mediterranean and to the rest of the world. Today we are hosting the Deputy Chief of Mission of the embassy of the state of Israel in Cyprus, Ms Rotem Segev.

* How much has the October 7th attack by Hamas affected the people of Israel?

* There is a global debate regarding Israel’s right to self-defense and the protection of its citizens, whether it is justified to punish all Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Your Comment please.

*There is another battlefield, that of fake news and social media. How you dealing with this new reality as a state and more specifically as the embassy of the state of Israel in Cyprus?

*In the geopolitical analysis of events, there is an analysis that a world war is being waged in the Middle East with the direct or indirect participation of all actors in the region. What is your opinion?

*How is the State of Israel seeking to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, Hamas and other actors in the region? What is considered as an ideal solution?

*How do you perceive Turkey’s attitude towards you?

*Thousands of Israeli citizens live in Cyprus, both in the Republic of Cyprus and in the occupied territories. How do they experience the crisis and how safe is the Republic of Cyprus as a destination?


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